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Friday, June 13, 2014


                                        I Love Postcards!!

I am a member of  and I love it!!  I have been a member for 1859 days!! Which is over 5 years.  I have sent out 174 postcards.  Most of them being international.  Start adding up the postage and wow its not a inexpensive hobby. 

Here's a few postcards I tend to send on a regular basis.  I am proud to be a Oklahoman so I do send out mostly tourist type postcards.

I think the children dressed in native American costumes.  I have had lots of request for this postcard.   I tend to do a lot of direct swaps with postcrossing friends. I like doing the one on one postcard trades. Seems a little more personal. 

Anyways go check this site out if you would like to receive random postcards from all over the world!