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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Small town living

Living in small town in Oklahoma can be a blessing.  Although not everyone will agree with me.  For instance this morning when I made my gas and coke stop at my favorite convenience store Sarah asks how everyone is doing and updates me on her family.  Her mom and I was friends from grade school.  In fact our parents were friends.  Growing up in Marlow Oklahoma hasn't been a bad thing considering everything.  Such as small town gossip, where if they have nothing to say they will make it up.  Growing up back in the day if I did something bad my mom already knew before I got home.. That is still crazy scary to think about today.  In fact now that I'm a parent it still happens, for which I'm grateful to be aware of what the kiddos do.  Ok so they really aren't kiddos anymore.  Blake turned 25 years old, Aaron is 21 and  Trevor is 18.  Amazing how time has flown for me.  Another good thing about living in a small community is knowing that there is someone who can give a helping hand in need.  The other morning I had a blow out in Aaron's truck.  In less than 10 minutes I had a ride to work and Aaron went to change my tire.  Thankfully because it was on a bitter cold day. I also like the fact when I run into a elderly person they will not hesitate to ask who my parents or grandparents are and go down memory lane.  I enjoy hearing stories from way back in the past.  Makes my soul happy. 

I sure miss both my parents. So many times I would like to call mom or dad with some exciting news and realize nope can't do that.  With the boys getting older they sure are missing out on how much they have matured thru the years.  Some days the pain and hurt of them passing way to early hurts my heart.  Dad was 62 and mom was 64.   I hope to live a bit longer than that myself... I feel like 60's is hardly old.  Especially since I am  fixing to be 50 years old myself.  

I've always heard age was just a number and I totally believe that is how we should live each  and every day.  Thru  the years I've heard older family members say when I retire I want to do more camping or fishing or even traveling.  They retire and somehow they never get around to doing what they dreamed of doing.