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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ice Storm

For the last week we had been hearing about the ice storm that was going to cripple our state.  Everyone was buying milk and bread and  gas for generators.  Seeing as we don't have a generator we was hoping that we wouldn't get ice.  I've been begging Luther for a generator for many years, with no results.   So Thursday night we filled up the tub with water so we can flush the toilet if our electric went out.  I went to Walmart and bought stuff to drink and lunch meat. Then we hunkered down at home. In fact I didn't go to work Friday at all. Sure didn't want to get caught away from home and had to stay on someone's sofa.  Plus I am a big ole baby and do not drive on ice or snow. So come  Friday afternoon just a little bit of sleet.  So when I woke up Saturday still nothing.  Oh what a let down but one that we were glad to have.  Our house is all electric and I would have froze to death with no heat.
So glad we were kinda ready but yet didn't have to use any of our back up plans.  One day I will talk Luther into a generator but till then I will hold my breath every winter.

This was a few years ago when we were without electric for 15 days.  Looking back at that seems like forever ago.