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Sunday, December 5, 2010

You have to love Sunday's!!

It is a quiet morning so far, the only sounds I hear is the washer and dryer going. Need to get caught up on laundry since I work all week. I may do some housework after I work on the journal for November that is due out tomorrow. I only have a few pages to finish up with but want to add other items to make it more interesting.

Yesterday Trevor had his wrestling tournament at Edmond Ok. He did okay but not wonderful. I tell him as he gets more experience he will get better.

I also did some Christmas shopping! In fact I do believe that I could be done except for getting the boys ordered and a few small gifts. I need to pull all the sacks and such out of the car and start wrapping them.

Our Bailey Church secret sis party is this coming Saturday at 2pm. I wasn't ready for it at all. I found some really great gifts for my secret sis. I know she is going to like them also!

As I was shopping a thought came to me that I should be buying some items and listing them on EBay. In fact come January I am going to list about 25 items or so and see how it goes for me. I know for a fact I can just about double my money on the items I would list. I am very excited about this new adventure I am going to fulfill.

Have a great Sunday!! Remember live life to the fullest....