Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family Celebration

Tomorrow I am having our family dinner.  My step~dad Kendall is coming also my brother Stacy's children.  Dylan Coby and Kaylee and of course my three sons.  I am going to make a Mexican casserole, salad and garlic toast.  I know not very festive like but they will all appreciate a home cooked meal. 

Tonight I am going to make some candy and cookies.  I have the stuff to make several different things.  My only fear is I will run out of time getting everything finished.  Last night I wrapped gifts for 3 hours.  I still have many gifts that need wrapping.  As a last resort I am going to go buy gift bags and some pretty bows and call it good.

Am ready to start being creative again!! Do you have any ideals for some simple and fun crafts? If you do please send my way!!

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  1. Oh the holidays keep us busy...your packages are really lovely. The design of your blog is really wonderful looking. Love how you have the pictures mixed in with the text.