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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Grateful Wednesday

This morning as I was getting ready for the day about 8am I hear this car beeping its horn urgently outside my front door.  I go look out and it is my mail lady.  She normally doesn't show up till 12pm or so.  I say to her why are you so darn early? I have packages for you and wanted to catch up before you left for the day.  It was our new 32 inch flatscreen TV for our bedroom and a new sony dvd player we had ordered.  I just ordered it last week using Mr. C's safety bonus.  Now we are just waiting for the 27 inch flatscreen to arrive.  We bought it for Alisha's room. 
Mail Delivery
So I am very grateful to our mail lady that is always going above the call of duty for her rural customers.  She has taken very excellent care of me and my precious mail! If I have big packages or lots of mail she will bring to my front door for me.  I realize small town rural carriers aren't all as wonderful as my carrier.
Delivery worker delivers packages
I have bought a plate and glass to make a cute plate stand...When I start it I will make sure to get photos of it.  That is if it turns out like it should.   I also am hunting up old brass candlesticks to spray paint and make a tabletop arrangement.  I seen a gorgous one on a blog and want to try and make one similiar. 
Cupcake selection  Thought this was a cute cake stand that I found the photo for off of Stock Photography. 

I am going to take some photos and get them posted soon!!