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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Frugal week begins!

I have to be frugal till I get a $4100.00 bill paid off. Not sure I can pay $600.00 a month on it but that is my goal. The sooner I get it done the better! This is where I will say that I am going to start listing some of my items on ebay and craigslist and put books on a website to sell. I have to displine myself and that will bite.  Mr. C says I already pinch pennies even thou he says we don't have.  I haven't used coupons in years so that is one habit I am going to try to start doing again. I already shop Ross's and Big lots and Walls. I also shop wholesale at Dallas Tx, and at Marlow Floral. I always look for the best buy for my money.  When grocery shopping in our rural area we have small grocery store and Dollar General, unless I want to drive 25 miles to Homeland or Walmart. So I feel as if I am a smart shopper to a degree. My craft supplies I do use JoAnn coupons. Also I go to Basket Market in Oklahoma City, it is a huge place that sells Hobby Lobby discontinued items and samples.  It is a awesome place for crafters to shop!
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     My big splurges is I drive to Elk City and stay  several nights at a hotel every other week.  So I probably will still go but only stay one night. At least till I get this bill paid down. So here I go to frugal land! Wish me lots of luck because this will be the hardest  goal I have set for myself besides losing weight!! Which by the way that weight loss thing hasn't been working out to well for me! Because I haven't put my 100 % into it at this point. 

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At swap bot I am in a swap with 12 partners to gain blog followers.  I have so enjoyed looking at everyone's blogs.  So many different styles and so many very talented and creative.  I must I must try harder to be more creative! I tend to like doing easy and fast crafts. 
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Well I am going for now!