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Friday, December 16, 2011

Frugal Update

Well I am going to have to admit that I have done nothing to be frugal this week!  Not even one tiny change at all!  Now how in the world am I going to get some money paid toward the $4100.00 bill if I am not doing anything different? 

Am going to go Christmas shopping this weekend at Dallas Texas. I can't wait because I have been wanting to go for awhile.  I want to go to Harry Hines Blvd and go to the huge fabric store, a purse store and a western store.  Then will go on to Grapevine Outlet Mall.  Am hoping my friends Leona and Michael Ann will go with me.  I don't have a lot to buy but just want to see what I might have missed for my 3 boys.
Shopping pretty woman    Bryant Park Holiday Shops Manhattan  paper bags  buy toys Christmas shopping fantasy

I adopted a senior citizen for Christmas.  I asked James (manager of the Senior Citizen's center).  He told me to get stuff they could use like dish soap and hairbrush and laundry soap and such.  So I will get that picked up this weekend as well.  The sooner I can get it bought and wrapped the better off I will be.  The gifts need to be there by this coming Tuesday.  I plan on putting it in a basket and making it look cute.
For the silent auction at the auto show, or your car buff buddy!  This basket may include:  Chamois, Turtle Wax, Hot Wheels, window cleaner/wipes, bug remover, tire shine, sponge, air freshener, scrub brush, tire pressure guage, fuzzy dice, absorbent towels.  GLAM UP YOUR BASKET with gift certificates for car washes or oil changes.

Well I have done nothing creative for awhile.  Although I have been organizing some closets and dressers.  I think that is lifting a load off my shoulders.  Does anyone know how many clothes is too many for one person?  I have clothes in 4 closets and 2 full dressers, that could be a bit excessive I am thinking! Would like to scale down to 2 closets(spring/summer in one closet and fall/winter in one closet) and one dresser.  That would be so awesome!!  Would loe to have this closet from California Closets!!

Isn't this a gorgous closet?  This would take care of my problem for sure!!

This is my comforter set that Mr C. bought me awhile back. I am still loving it very much!! I just need the headboard to go with it!

I am now trying to talk Mr. C. into buying the western bedroom suite.  I haven't gave up yet!  He keeps asking me when did we go western? I just love the western look with the stars.
I am still trying to get my bedroom organized and straightened.  I am proud of what I have got done so far!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I know that I plan on it!!