Friday, March 29, 2013

Free Samples

                         Free Samples

How many of you love getting free samples?  I found a awesome place from Makeup talk and they were talking about how VMV Hypoallergenics was giving out 5 free samples thru March.  I went to the site and ordered my 5 free samples as well as a bottle of Know it all oil.  Then they included a extra sample.
The samples I received was:

Re everything cream
Superskin 3 primer
Essence Milk shampoo
Mr creamy milk moisturise
Illuminants + Cleansing cream
Superskin 2 primer

I can't wait to try them out! I know this is a company I plan on ordering a few items from every now and then.  I so want to try their laundry soap but they were out when I was on their page last..
Illuminants+ Cream: Advanced Brilliance Treatment This is a photo from their web page of the Illuminants cleansing cream.  I have made up my mind if I like this product and it works it will be the first item I will buy.

The samples come in such cute test tubes with  a spatula to get it out with...awesome!! 

Getting these in the mail sure made for a happy mail day!  I also received a pen pal letter as well  as a postcrossing postcard!! 

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me today!! Have a awesome day!!

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