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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Alisha

Photo: She loves it!!♡♡ツ
Alisha's car we got her for her sweet 16th birthday!  Her mom had a surprise party at our local Pizza Hut and we gave her the car as her last gift.  She was totally surprised and very happy!!  We are all s proud of her and she is such a joy to be around! 
Her birthday is April 1st.  But her mom had the party the saturday night before so she really would be surprised!

Homecoming candiate for 9th grade

Alisha driving her new car
Photo: Our awesome cheeleaders!!!
(c) Cross Light Photography
Rush Springs cheerleader's doing Watermelon Festival parade

Photo: Red Rock.  Photo  Photo: ©Natalie Jones - Cloverleaf Photography 2012 Photo: The girls! :) Photo: (c) Cross Light Photography
Photo: . 4/6/13

Alisha and Colten                 November 2012

Wanted to share some photo's of Alisha!  She is full of life and joy!