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Monday, March 25, 2013

Shopping at Burlington Coat Factory

Cleaned on my house this morning and thought I would drive to Oklahoma City to Burlington Coat Factory.  I spent hours in this store.  Went thru the baby department and found some cute items for my cousin's new baby.  I wanted to take something to hospital tomorrow when I go see Ms. Kylie.  I also found a couple of burgundy and gray towels and wash cloths. Where do my towels disappear to I wonder? They may be hiding under the kids bed's but I am NOT venturing in that dangerous territory!  I found a cool pair of sketcher shoes and a cool pink and black zebra short sleeve shirt and matching socks as well.  It was a very productive shopping trip.

On the way home I stopped at Chickasha Wal~Mart and bought groceries to last till Thursday.  Spent $100.00 but bought me diet food as well as the normal items.  I do not want to do any more grocery shopping at all.  Of course I left my coupons at home on the dining room table. 

My craft room is starting to look better.  I am not nearly done but am making headway on it.  I threw a huge black garbage bag full of miscellaneous items away.  Am trying to fill the second bag up before Mr. C. gets home late Thursday night.

Mr. C. keeps telling me we need to declutter which means I must get to it and get it done.  There is a page on facebook for our community that is called buy sell or trade and I know I could be selling some items and making some money..Although that just seems like a lot of hard work where as I can just take it all to goodwill and be done with it.  BUT if I sold some stuff then I could add the money to my sealed pot challenge.  Extra money is always nice..right? 

Well I had better get off here and get busy!  Everyone have a great day!!