Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Great Mail Day!

today my Ipsy and Birchbox both came! Woo Hoo!! was so excited to get them.  I am far more impressed with Ipsy than Birchbox.  Am going to give Birchbox a few more months before I make a final decision about giving them the ole boot..
Here's a few items I recieved in my Birchbox

Macadamia Natural Oil™ Healing Oil Treatment
Of course just in sample sizes.. Here's my problem I tend to have..I tend to put my samples on my dresser and never try them out.  My thinking is I will use them on a special occasion.  Yes I know I so need to get over that old way of processing thoughts.  So this month I plan on using at least 6 new samples I have received.  I am sure some of you are thinking well that is nothing to do, but for me it will be a baby step toward the big step.  I am sure there are several products I want to try and buy.  I so am looking at the dry shampoo to try.  I had received the olive oil shampoo and conditioner for a Christmas gift and it tends to leave my hair oily.  So I know its not the right stuff to be using but I sure am not going to waste it.  That's my thrifty side of me coming out!

On to other news..I am still saving money in my sealed pot challenge. I have found that its easier for me to save all my loose change versus trying to put dollar bills in the pot.  Okay here's the truth I haven't totally sealed the pot and I keep finding reasons to take out the dollar bills.  My bad!! This past weekend I took my middle son to a gun show and we ended up buying him a 22 pistol, using some of the money in the pot. Then this coming weekend I have to take my youngest son to a gun show in Oklahoma City and buy him a gun as well.  If not then it's not fair according to Trevor my 14 year old baby boy.  He knows how to work his momma!!

I have lots more to share with you, but I will do that later!  Karen

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