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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blake's 22nd Birthday!!

My oldest baby turned 22 years old today. This morning I was semi sad at the thought of him getting older. In a good way of course! I called and wished him a Happy Birthday and then asked him how is it your getting older and I am getting younger? he just laughed at the inside joke. Of course my nephew will tell you I'm only 39 years old.. love that Hunter Joe! Now the truth is I do like being 46 years old. But I don't feel old most of the time. I am so proud of Blake! He is legally blind and yet if you didn't know it you wouldn't be able to tell. He will never be able to drive a vehicle legally EVER. Although he races his race car without much problems. He also owns several nice trucks along with boy toys such as 4wheelers, Rzrs by Polaris and such. He is a derrick man on a oilrig and does a great job. Blake has never let his eyesight stop him from living. For his birthday he wanted Under-Armour thermal pants and Under-Armour hoodie. I asked him how much the leggings was and he said about $80.00. Yikes! I already knew how much the hoodies were because I've bought many of them thru the years for the boys. I told Blake I would get him one or the other but not both items as it was close to Christmas. I swear this boy always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to his birthday. I went to the Oklahoma City Outlet Mall and went into the Under-Armour store and found a hoodie on sale for 20.00!! Bought his leggings for $35.00! The leggings were on sale 40% off! I so scored on his gifts!! I was extremely pleased with his gifts!
Blake at Galveston Texas I love this son of mine with all my heart! Happy Birthday William Blake!!!