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Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello October!!

How in the world did September get by me without a single post? I know we did some fun things this last month but I must have not documented anything.

We got Aaron a cute F150 with towing package to drive. He got his driving license on the first try! Woo Hoo!! Am very proud of him! Now Trevor thinks he is his own personal driver. Of course Aaron will take Trevor's money for gas money, just like a real personal driver.

I have been looking for a raincoat with a liner inside to use while working. Luther actually found me one of his that he has never worn. I also found one at Blair that I want to order for $20.00. Which I am still going to order because it is more girly!

Oh goodness I have been taking care of business this morning. Has taken me about a hour to do several things. I always put off paper work and then once it is done I always feel like a huge weight is being lifted off my shoulders.

I am going to run to grocery store and get some items for lunch. Mr. C should be getting home soon. He had a class he had to attend this afternoon at El Reno Oklahoma.

I want to make a simple chicken recipe. Just need to find one first on the internet. Love looking at recipes.

Well till next time...