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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Productive day!


Leona  and Michael Ann
                                                        These two ladies have been in my life since I was 21 years old.  I love them and treasure them as friends.  23 years of  them giving advice, listening to my woes and everything in between.  Michael Ann recently came in for a visit from Kentucky and we managed to get together and have a wonderful visit one evening.  We laughted so much that I think I was crying by the time she left.  Leona lives less than 2 miles from me but we seem to have a hard time getting together.  Not everyone can say they have true best friends but I honestly can say I am very blessed because I have two true friends. 

Mr. C and I went to the drag races and I thought this was a cool and fast car.  We had a lot of fun watching the cars get down the raceway. We went over to the Ardmore Raceway and had a really great time.  Sometimes I feel like a traitor because of my brothers and Blake racing the roundy round.  I usually try to get over and watch them once or twice but I didn't make it this year at all to watch them. 

                                              Today I have been working in a art journal that I am sending out tomorrow.  I am not a artist but I hope she will enjoy the effort I put into journaal. I am hoping to get the photos posted tomorrow.  I have had a productive weekend.  Have 2 big swaps to get out tomorrow.  One is the 30 days of surprises and a Rainy Day swap.  I have one in the box and the other ready to get packaged.  I so love swap~bot!!

                                            Have a great day!