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Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Love!!

Am so glad today is Friday! Of course I work today but I have a project I want to finish tonight.  I have a kitty cat rag top quilt I need to start sewing together.  I will try to remember to take a photo of it because I think it is going to be super cute for one of my nieces. 

Today is the day I start my week without TV.  I had forgot that it is also #15 on my goal list.  Figuring that with TV and internet on (facebook) I am never going to get any projects finished.  I also want to work on some new projects.  Is it normal to have 3 or more unfinished projects hanging around just begging to get done?

I went back and read some of my goals that I had posted on here.  Some of them I have been actively working on since I have posted them.  Some I have dropped the ball and have done nothing.  For instance I had posted I wanted to blog two times a week.  WELL we all know that hasn't happened at all.  Or my goal to save $700.00 dollars.  I think I have saved maybe close to $400.00  Which isn't great but I should have more money saved.  I keep buying items off Etsy, I wish I had found that store much earlier. Have found so many cute handmade items from different sellers.

I have been visiting with neighbors more.  Walking our dead end street I get to visit with each neighbor if they are outside.  I have even walked up to Julie's house and sit down and had tea with her a couple of times. We have even gone as far as exchanging cell phone numbers.  Woo Hoo!  That was #43 on my goal list. 

Yes Goal #49 accomplished...I am now a patient with Dr. Maury over at Lawton Okla! That was such a huge weight off my shoulders.  I really did like him and my next appointment is in Febuary.  Unless I get a winter cold or something.  At least if I get sick this winter I don't have to suffer thru it!

Goal # 10 write 50 letters..still working on it but am really close.  I have 3 pen pal letters going out today:) I think more than 50 goals is too much for me. Some goals just got lost in the everyday life of mine. 

I also have listed that I wanted to attempt a art journal.  I am in a private art journal swap and I am working in a art journal.  I have about 4 of the background pages done.  I am very excited about doing this swap.  One of my goals #46 was learn a new skill but also one of my goals was to do a art journal..So is it cheating to use this art journal for both goals?  I don't think so because doing a art journal is totally new to me.

Last night I took Trevor to Decator Texas.  He wanted to go see his Aunt Stacey and cousins.  So I am thinking it is only about 1 1/2 hours from home.  We leave at 6pm and it took 2 1/2 hours to get there.  I got home at midnight! I think he thought that the kids were also out for fall break and that wasn't the case.  He told me to come get him Saturday evening or Sunday morning.  Sunday Trevor and I had plans to go shoot our guns.  Yes of course this was his ideal NOT mine.  I have had my handgun since May and it has never been shot.  Then he wanted me to shoot his 22...I am so not a gun type person.  So if I get hime Sunday then can I get out of the whole target practice day?  I sure hope so!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!