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Friday, January 10, 2014

Swap Bot Journal

So I am working on a Swap journal swap. It is a 4 month long journal swap. I have really enjoyed doing it but it has been time consuming for me! I got behind about 20 entry's so I need to get caught up on them. The bad news is I have to send it to my partner January 13th. Which means that this weekend I will be working hard on my journal. For these entry's I do believe I will write over topics such as my saddest day ever, my best friend, favorite actor and why, as well as some list of random stuff. I also am big on using recipes! She is getting a random journal from me. Am hoping that we have similar taste in how we do our journaling. I am sure she will enjoy what I have done for her. I would like to do another journal swap soon. I love swap bot as it has kept me busy. Plus side is getting happy mail a lot! I have taken a long break from Swap Bot but am ready to get back into the swing of it. I use to do a lot of international swaps but think I will cut back on doing them,. The postage is extremely high for overseas mail. I have gotten so many pen pals thru swap bot as well. This year I am trying to get back on track with my pen pals. I have been very neglectful this past year. I have no excuses I got behind and never got caught up. Today I sent off 8 pen pal letters and 2 postcrossing postcards. Didn't put a dent in my mail pile but hey it's a good start!