Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

What a great start to the New Year! I have made several goals for myself! One is to become a better blogger if only for myself. I have so much to say but yet feel like I censor myself. I know I can rattle on and on about nothing and yet I make my post so short and simple. I know I have gotten old because New Year's Eve I stayed home and watched T.V. I had bought a bottle of wine but didn't even open it. Was asleep by 10:00 pm. I didn't even go get my favorite take out or anything. Mr. C. was at work and I think that with him not being home it made me a little sad. the last couple of years I would get Chinese take out along with a few cocktails and enjoy myself. Why is it all the major holidays Mr. C. has to be working? You'd think I would be use to that by now...but am still complaining about it. Several goals are in my head this year. I do think I will work on each one as I see fit. Yes I want to eat healthy and lose thinking that is most of us? Right?? I want to blog better. Which means I should look at blogs that inspire me and see how their technique is different from mine. I AM saving up for two vacations this year. Vancouver Washington to visit my cousin Melissa! then our huge family vacation to South Padre Island Texas. Am sure we will have more than 23 of us going this year! I would like to order us all a special T-shirt. I think that would be cool. Another goal is to keep my darn messy car washed and cleaned. My middle son Aaron does a great job at detailing. He owes me big time and this is how he works the money off. Well if I don't ask him he sure don't volunteer his So I am thinking every month he will be cleaning my car for me. He just got a new set of tires on his truck so this should be a small sacrifice to make for the cost of the tires. Is that so wrong of me? He is 18 and still in school with no job... He can donate a hour to his momma at least I should hope so! Goals are great but somewhat over rated. I figure if I work on a goal as I see fit at some point it has to be a positive for me! Did you make any goals set in concrete? How do you plan on keeping them? I don't seem to do well at long term goals. With this being a new year I plan on giving it another whirl! Lots of luck out there to everyone on making new goals and following thru with them!!

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