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Friday, November 19, 2010

Crazy Thursday!

Yesterday was out usual day to get Luther off to work at Shreveport La. I always dread this day but after 2 years have gotten use to it some. It feels like a piece of my heart is ripped out every time he leaves.

Then at 2:45 had to have Blake at the foot dr. in Duncan Ok. Dr. Wright said his foot is rapid healing!! I am so proud to hear that!!
Then Blake and I went shopping. We went to Cruther's western wear and Stockman's. I ended up buying Blake a pair of jeans...Cinch Carters that he really likes. We also went to Murf's guns. I didn't go in because I am not about guns at all! We really had a good time together.

I also ran up to my brother Stacy's house in Oklahoma City last night. We really had a good but fast visit. It is nice to connect with your family every now and then.

Today I had better get up and around and get Trevor to school. Our drive to school takes 25 minutes. He doesn't like to be late it usaully doesn't bother me:))

Have a great and productive day.