Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Blessed Day!

I am so very thankful for every day I have with my loved ones. As I reflect back on my life there is so many things I wished I had done different. I will have to roll with you learn as you live. I have never said I was perfect but the big mistakes I have made embarras me greatly. I am going to make peace with God and get right with my life. I can't change the past but I sure can change my future. God is good even in the bad times.

Thanksgiving is upon us. I want this year's Thanksgiving to be special. Especially since losing Grandma and mom back in May. I miss them very much. Looks like the family won't be getting together this year which is horrible because that isn't what they would have want out of us. If I was organized I would cook a huge dinner and invite everyone and if they showed up great and if not that is okay also.

Now I need to get busy doing some letter writing and crafting! My favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon!!

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