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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Menu Making Day!!

Hump day is here for me. If things go well at the flower shop I can get home at noon or so. I still haven't bought grocerys for our Thanksgiving on Friday. I got up at 5am to take shower and relax. I still need to clean good before Mr. C. gets home Thursday night. He is going to be surprised to find that I have decorated just a little for Christmas.
Last night my niece Kaylee stayed the night with me. She is such a smart and creative girl. I need to spend more time with her. I just get busy and focus on my own world. Aaron stayed all night with Coby last night. Then Trevor stayed all night with Grandma Berdine. Brody went to stay several days with his buddy Calvin down by Ardmore Oklahoma. Alisha is with her mom and Blake is at work. Wow they all are somewhere:)
I still haven't made up my mind for the menu Friday. I might better get busy and make it out. Am thinking I should run to Sam's this afternoon and get a few items. But do I really want to take 2 hours out of my day for a couple of items? I will have to think more on that as the day goes by.
My brother Stacy gave me his debit card to help him out with some bills. I wish he would have done so several months ago. He is so behind and not being focused on the important stuff in life. I know he took mom's death really hard but he needs to clear his head and get back on track.
I guess I will close here it is now 6 am and I need to get ready for this cold day.