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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Morning

I am not a morning person but for whatever reason this morning I was up at 4am. I laid there in bed for awhile and then thought I would watch a few of the dvr shows I have saved. It is now 5am and I think I am sleepy. Of course today is the day I want to clean on the house, do laundry and get my Christmas decorations up. I went and bought quite a bit of decorations yesterday.

Trevor had a Wrestling Tournament yesterday. He lost both of his matches. That little guy does a great job, he just hasn't been doing it as long as the other guys. I am sure at the end of the season he will get more moves down and give them a run for the money.

My nephew Hunter came in 1st place! Hunter is 4 years old and a live firecracker!

Well I am getting sleepy and I do have a full day ahead of me. I am going to lay down for a hour or so and then pop back up and start my day.

It is going to be a awesome day! God is Good!!