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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Catching up on the latest news!

I couldn't seem to get on here and post a blog. Not sure if I was depressed or just lost in my own world. When I find myself getting depressed I try very hard to talk my self out of it. If that doesn't help I focus on reading so I can escape the real world. That usually does the trick when I pick up a book and read about other people and their lives. When I start to feel "normal" or what ever that is suppose to be then I merge back into the real world.

Blake broke his foot 2 weeks ago. Yes of course he was riding on his 4~wheeler. I am thankful it wasn't a worse injury.

Trevor hurt his knee about 1 1/2 weeks ago. He was playing at a football game for school. The Dr. told him he was done with football for the season. But the worse news was he might not be able to do his tournament wrestling. You should have seen his poor face I thought he was going to cry. For the good news his knee is much better and he can resume most of his normal activities, unless the knee starts to really hurt then we will have to do a MRI on it.

My house is needing lots of TLC, that is also something I neglect when I am fighting with my bout of depression. Then when i am "ME" I can see how bad the house has got. As in not dusting or doing any deep cleaning that no one seems to notice but me. No one helps me on the house but I am okay with that. Means my job is

OHHH!!!! We bought me a new car Oct 29th! I got a 2010 Chrysler 300 and it is white. I LOVE IT!!!!