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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday is the day...

Today is the day I need to do laundry, catch up on my games on facebook, cook a meal or two for the upcoming week, and do some decluttering. Does it sound like I will get it all done? Of course I won''t get it all done but some of it will make me very happy! This morning I have played on facebook and worked a little in my craft room. That room is a disaster!! I have also done 2 loads of laundry so far. I stepped into my bonus daughter's room and she has a HUGE pile of clothes that I need to wash. In fact I found 8 towels?!? So I am going to surprise her and get her clothes all done before she comes back to stay with us. We usually have her every other week. She usually only brings 1 or 2 items to laundry room for me to wash at one time..not sure why.

Swap bot business...I have 4 swaps I need to be working on today to get in the mail tomorrow. The everything journal is packed up and ready to go. That leaves Christmas cards (6 partners) a random envelope, a letter and tea swap. I also need to catch up on my long term journal.

When I get going on the swap stuff I also would like to write at least 3 penpal letters. I need to do that because falling behind isn't a good feeling. Feeling overwhelmed makes me nuts!

My kitchen table looks horrible with swaps and stuff all over it. Just as long as no one shows up I will be okay.

Last night Cherrie and I went to Norman Oklahoma. We went on the hunt for a new bedroom bedding set for her. We had no luck finding one. We enjoyed eating at The Olive Garden. Just getting out of our regular routine was awesome.

My goal this month is to blog 6 or more times. I have lots to say I just need to say it!

Have a Great Sunday!!!