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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Swap bot Sunday

This is for filled cosmetic bag series swap #1 pt. 4
We are to send a blush to our partner and a extra item. I am sending a light pink blush, a clear lipgloss, a bronzing brush and toenail clippers.

Am sending these items out for a purple swap I am hosting. I hope my partner likes what I have choosen for her.

I also have to wrap up a few other swaps and get them ready to ship out Tuesday. I also want to write a few pen~pal letters the next couple of days. I really enjoy swap bot.

Mr.C. and I went grocery shopping for our Memorial Cookout we are having tomorrow for a few close friends. We bought like we were cooking for a army. Mr.C. has prepped the baked potatoes and got everything else ready to cook. In morning I am going to make my special banana pudding and macaroni salad.

By the way I am sitting 20 pounds lighter! I couldn't be happier that is for sure!! The bad part is that watching what I eat is a 24 hour thought process. Mr. C. has lost 60 pounds in the same amount of time. So not fair!!! He is looking awesome.