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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday morning

This is Aaron he is ready to head out... My youngest son woke me up at 5:30am this morning. He is excited about going to Salt Plains in Jet Oklahoma. We are going to go dig for crystals. How cool does that sound? I wanted to go somewhere and just have some fun. This is what Aaronand him wanted to do. I also considered going to the Scarborough Renaissance Fair down at Wachahci Texas. If we are lucky we might be able to get a cabin even though it is last minute. I am taking stuff just in case that happens. We have made out list so we can stop at Wal~Martand pick up supplys on our way over there. The drive is 3 hours or more and it is located in Norhern Oklahoma. The boys wanted to go to Chickasha Wal~Mart last night but I told them it was 25 miles there and back and we could just stop on our way and not waste the gas. Which didn't make Trevor too happy. I will post pictures of our last minute trip when we get back home tomorrow! Hope the boys get along instead of the usual bickering that they seem to enjoy! We leave home about 7:30 am.