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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 2 of Goals

This is the latest addition to our family. My brother Lonnie and Jennica had Wyatt March 28th, 2011. One of my goals is to spend more time with my nieces and nephews. So I thought I would share a photo of him.

26. Take a picture every day for a month
27. Take a beginner quilting class
28. Try 1 new recipe a week.
29. Find a charity to donate time and money to on a regular basis
30. Listen better to my boys
31. Buy a Ipod for me!
32. Learn more about my droid phone and use what I learn
33. Set up my Ebay and sell my western items
34. Make 3 lap size quilts and post on Etsy
35. Declutter each room in the house
36. Buy good quality pots and pans
37. Buy that ring at Zales that caught my eye and is on sell for $600.00
38. Attend Church twice a month
39. Start going to TOPS meetings
40. Have Christmas bought by October of this year!!

So now here is a few answers to why I choose a few of these goals.

27. Beginner quilt class...I so want to do art quilts and I need some guidance in how to do them.

30. Listen to my boys better. I sometimes listen to them but don't think I hear them the way I should be.

33. Set up my Ebay store. I have about 20 items I bought from Dallas at Market and I need to get them sold. They aren't making me any money in my craft room that is for sure!!

40. Have Christmas bought by October of this year. I always end up buying last minute shopping and never seem to have enough money to go around. It would be nice to have it all bought early so I could enjoy the season.

Mr. C. looked at yesterday's list and thinks I am crazy. I can only imagine what he will think about today's list!!

This is a photo of Aaron and Trevor at BAss Pro Shop.