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Monday, May 23, 2011

Going shopping!!

This is Alisha at 8th grade graduation. We are so proud of her!! Am glad Mr. C. got to attend he was suppose to be headed to work and came back home because of storms. This really surprised Alisha very much!

The boys had so much fun at the Salt Plains near Jet oklahoma. They found many crystals as they were digging. I am glad we finally took a trip up there and enjoyed the day. You know how much boys enjoy digging in the dirt and mud, my boys dug for hours.

Today I am going to go shopping at Tuesday Mornings, Joanns fabrics and Hobby Lobby. I need to buy a few items for several swaps I have on my dashboard. I put up 2 purple swaps in my crazy for colour group. One is international and the other USA. So I do need to find some cool purple items. I also need to buy a tote bag and get material to make a tote bag. The truth in the matter is that I just want to wander around Lawton Okla and have fun. I might even go into some antique stores that I have been wanting to browse thru. Sounds like the perfect day to me.

Goals...I have wrote 7 pen~pal letters so far. That is awesome for me!! I am going to really work on my correspondence the next few months. Murf's Guns did not have the concealed weapon class yesterday so I will have to wait till they do another one. I also may call around to other places and see when they have a class. So far I have $200.00 saved up toward my $500.00 goal. Which is great for me. So I am making baby steps on some of my goals. Losing weight is my biggest goal and the last two days I haven't done so well at watching what I ate. So today I am going to get back on track. I also found a simple blackberry cobbler I want to try.