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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 3 of Goals

This is the start of a simple tote bag I am putting together. I haven't used my sewing machine in over a year. Should I add here I was a little lost on threading it! I also cut out another tote in blue fabric. I am hoping they will turn out good. I plan on sending one out for tote and note for swap~bot. The swap calls for either a tote made or bought. I figure I will buy one in case mine turns out all funky or something! I have always wanted to try the patchwork tote. My next project is also going to be to make some cute pillowcases for my nieces and nephews. I don't think I can mess them up too much..Right??

This is the table and chairs we are redoing. They are looking so good!! This has been a project I have wanted to get to for the last 7 years. Needless to say I was so surpised when Luther got them started for me. All that without me asking!

I know you have been wanting to know my other goals..Let me tell you this has became alot harder to do than I ever imagined! I may not get to day 4 on these goals. Mr.C. still can't figure out why I want to rent a cabin at the lake. I just think it would be very cool. I usually tent camp with my boys.

41. To blog at least twice a week
42. Be kinder to people
43. Visit with my neighbors at least a couple of times before the end of the year
44. Change my oil in my car on a regular basis
45. Vacuum at least once a week ( hate this chore!)
46. Learn a new skill ( crochet or art journal or art quilting ect)
47. Be on time! I am always late for everything!!
48. Make a dentist appointment
49. Find a doctor that will take me without Insurance (nearly impossible)
50. Learn how to say NO even if others think I will say yes
51. Take a class at technology center on flower arranging
52. Make a budget and stick to it. ( I hate this for sure!)
53. Try reading something else besides romance or self help books
54. Be more compassionate toward family and friends
55. Touch base with extended family on my dad's side
56. Learn how to use the grill (I love a steak on the grill)
57. Buy a rifle for home protection (need to put one on layaway at Murfs Guns)
58. Take my boys camping several times this summer
59. Take a trip to Northern Oklahoma to the Salt Plains
60. Go to travel agent and check into cruises