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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Had a blast!

Just got back from a weekend away.  I went to Elk City to spend time with Mr. C. Was only going to be gone Saturday night and come home Sunday.  That didn't happen, and I ran out of clothes!  I went to Walls which is a store where other stores fills it shelfs with its discontinues, overstock and such.  I found a Catherines shirt regular $45.00 for only $8.99!  It is more like a dress that you wear leggings underneath.  It is totally cool and hip! I stayed in the room alot because the weather was raining and such.  Although I took my dear friend Nancy to eat on her lunch hour.  Hadn't seen her in many months.  I worked on a journal and feel like it is almost completed, that took a huge weight off my shoulders.

When I got home I wasn't to happy Mr. C's son has a sink full of dishes (I will end up washing).  Not sure why he didn't use the throw~away plates...He is 18 he shouldn't be making messes and not cleaning up after himself. 

It is almost time for me to leave for the flower shop!  I can't wait to get there and see what is going to be happening.  I know they were busy yesterday. Tammie called and asked where I was at, she needed me to come in to work.  That would have happened if I hadn't been 2 1/2 hours away from home.

Today has been a long one already because I got up at 4:00 am and won't go to bed till 10pm unless I get everything done before bedtime. 

Can you believe Oklahoma has had 3 Earthquakes over the weekend? My goodness am glad I wasn't home or I would have been scared to death. NO JOKING!! We didn't feel anything at Elk City.  But wehad many calls telling us about them.  It shook our pictures on the walls at the house according to Brody.  I had no ideal Oklahoma even had earthquakes...Now I know different!

Am outta to get to work!! Karen