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Friday, November 4, 2011

Garage Sales

This morning I went to a fantastic garage sale!  I bought 2 pieces of Christmas fabric 3 yards each for $2.00!  They are going to look great in my Christmas quilt!! Then I bought 2 large ziplock bags full of Christmas ornaments for 50 cents each. I am going to use them on a wreath I am wanting to make. I just have to buy a green wreath to put it the ornaments on.  Am going to Lawton to Hobby Lobby tonight so hopefully I will find one so I can get started on that. As soon as I find a photo of something similiar I will post it.  Then when I am done with mine you know I will post picture of it! Am getting so excited with Christmas coming! I know how crazy is that?  We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet and I am worried about getting Christmas done.  At the flower shop we already have customers coming in for Christmas decorations. So that means next week we are pulling down Christmas trees and decorations.  Then will spend a week getting the store all ready.  I can't tell you how many trees we end up decorating.  I am trying to talk Tammie into only 2 large trees and a few small trees.  Lets see if I get my way or not.

Since I am at work I am keeping this short for now..Have a blessed day!!  Karen