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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Art Journal

A few of my pages that I was doing in a Art Journal.  I am not a artist but tried to make the pages colorful for my partner.  I went outside my comfort zone and tried doing this and I so enjoyed doing it.

Went and bought Mr. C's son a used truck today.  It is really cute and I am so proud for Brody.  Tomorrow we will go buy new tires for it.  Don't want it leaving him stranded somewhere with a flat.  Then this evening Mr C cooked us a wonderful dinner.  Hamburger patties, homemade mac & cheese, ranch style beans and homemade steak fries.  It was very good and filling.  Although not so good for my diet.  I sure need to get back on my diet and stop eating whatever I want.  Which has been hard for me lately. 

Now its time to go sit down and visit with Mr. C!