Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chili night

What a day it has been for me!  I got up and met my nephew Dylan at Marlow at 7am! Which put me leaving the house at 6:30.  Then I drove on down to Duncan Ok to Walmart.  Was shopping when my stepdad called and told me Trevor and Aaron were both sick..It is now 8:15. I call the Dr. and would you believe they can get them in at 9:15! I call and have Aaron meet me at Grannie's house in Marlow.  Poor Aaron has been sick since Sunday.  He was at Urgent Med Monday, I took him to Er Tuesday night where they said his lymp nodes near his appendix are enlarged to see regular Dr in two days.  Which was today.  Dr. wants Aaron back tomorrow and gave Trevor medicine for his sore throat.  We were in Dr's office for over 2 hours waiting on blood work for Aaron. 

When I got home I unloaded my groceries and put away.  Am glad I didn't have any cold items in cart.  But would you belive I left a sack at the store?  I don't believe I have ever done that before EVER!! I called the store and yes indeed the 4 items was logged and I get to take reciept and pick them out again..I supose that is what I get for being in a rush this morning.
Chili Con Carne
I have put on chili for tonight when Mr. C get's home.  I have already had a taste and its really yummy.  Now if I can get up and do some of the dishes that I messed up in preparing supper.

Chili recipe
2 lbs of ground beef
1 diced onion
2 cans of ranchstyle beans
1 can of hot rotel
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can of snap e tom or spicy v8
1 envelope oc chili seasoning
Brown meat with onion add to pot with the rest of ingredients.

Christmas Wreath in process
I have seen so many versions of the Christmas Wreaths on other blogs so I am attempting to make my first one ever.  I know in another post I was going to use a greenery wreath but have choose not to at this time.  I want to take back the $20.00 greenery wreath and just use wire hangers! So much cheaper and the results are amazing!! I am now thinking of making a few for family members. When I go retrieve my items from the store I need to get more Christmas bulbs to get this one finished!
I hope everyone had a wonderful day and it was filled with lots of blessings!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Karen and your lovely comment on my rose. Hope everyone is healthy at your house by now. The hardest thing for a mother is a sick child.

    Coleen (an Okie) in Ukraine

  2. Your chili recipe sounds good. Will try it.

  3. Oh I forgot to say I am from swap-bot. Anna (mynursecoach)

  4. whaaa you left a sack at the store? how sad! i believe i've left something before!~ when i got home i couldn;t find some things.

  5. Great chili recipe!
    May have to try this.


  6. I've been reading through your posts, and it seems like you have quite a busy life! I hope everything turns out ok with Aaron - you seem to to be following up quite thoroughly, which is sooo important.

    I like your idea for a Christmas wreath. The combination of glittery and shiny balls is a nice touch.

    I can't believe your grocery store listed all the stuff you'd left and said you could come back for it. Nice. I'm not sure my local NJ Shop-Rite would do that.

    Adlpated from Swap-Bot (Gain Readers and Comments Swap)

  7. I was surprised that they had my stuff wrote down also! I figured I was out of luck but that wasn't the case. My life isn't always so busy, but with my 3 boys plus Mr.C's 2 children it can get hectic!