Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall is here!

I so love the cooler weather. I so need and want to put out some fall decorations. all I have to do is walk out to the shop and find the fall decoration tubs and get busy. I was off Monday and Tuesday and didn't even think about being productive. Then last night I was looking at some blogs where they were decorating for fall. So that got my mind racing and all the neat possibilities I could do with what I already have plus if I only bought a few new things then I could have a AWESOME fall centerpiece. Brody asked me last night if the fall air freshener was the only decoration I had. you know the one I am talking about..the .99 cent one that twist up and use in bathrooms or etc.. Yes it's the only thing I have out right now is what I told him. I didn't realize he paid attention to me decorating the house. I usually only do Halloween, fall and Christmas. I made Oven Baked Taco's Monday night. They were super good and super easy. I got the recipe off of facebook. Although I added my own twist to it. It is something I will make again!

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