Monday, October 28, 2013

Chicken Farming at my brother's house

This is my brother's blog about his chicken farm. I'm really enjoying reading and seeing his photo's of his animals and such. When I get to his house I try to walk down to his farm area to see all of his animal. They have accomplished so much in what seems like a short time to me. I forget that we were raised on farms.. Guess that part of my past I just don't want to remember. One memory I have is going to church with my cousin Brenda the youth director Keith Flannigan was also a veterinarian. I remember leaving church with him and several other youths and going out to Grandpa BR's to help birth calves. That is a good memory. Both of my grandpa's had farms and raised cattle and hay and such. So I guess I really am a farm girl and just didn't want to admit it. Hell all this time I thought I was a princess...At least Mr. C tells me I am his princess.

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