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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Being a mom means being on the road.

I have learned today that being a mom means being in the car for hours. I went to pick up the boys from school (left my house at 2pm). It is a 25 minute drive out to their school. Then we drove to town and picked up Blake. Drove to Chickasha OK about a hour drive to get Trevor's new ATT phone fixed. He has only had it 9 days.....Then drove up to EL Reno to Phil's Cycle & ATV. Blake swears that this is the place to buy all the parts he needs. Never mind that Duncan OK which is like right down the road ( 20 minutes or so from my house) but never keeps enough parts on hand. Although they are always willing to order them in, not fast enough for my oldest son. Then we left El Reno and headed back out to Bray~Doyle where Trevor could do the last 30 minutes of football practice. He got done at 8:30 pm and I was glad:) Home sweet home here I come. So from 2:00pm till 9:2o I was in my car so to speak.

Got Mr. C off to work. I know he dreads the 7 hour drive down to Mansfield La. I can tell the last day before he leaves how much he dreads going. I hate to see him leave on Thursday's

I am going to go lay down I am tired and need some beauty sleep! Sweet dreams are sure to find me!!