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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shreveport was good! Wish I could have stayed longer and done more! Going with Patty was a hoot! We got along wonderfully! She is Uncle Timmy's girlfriend ( as Mr. C. calls his BIL. Of course since Mr. C's sister died we still call him Uncle Timmy.

I love the Shreveport La area. Mr. C. doesn't seem to like it as much as I do. The shopping around there is way better than around my small town area!

We got home last night at 2:30 am and I slept till 8:30 am. I got up and started working on my Song Lyric journal. The due date is Sept 30. I think I about got it finished. I am not adding why like each song I choose for it. Which doesn't take tooo long. That doesn't have to be in the journal but I think it makes it more interesting to the partner. I need to get it done here in the next hour so I can go to the post office and get it sent off!

Tonight Trevor has another school football game. I have no ideal where we will be going tonight. I just know that since mom passed away I need to attend more of his games. He said not to bother about tonight they will just lose anyway. The school program is fresh and only 2 players also play on the little might league. Which gives them more experience!

A song that keeps running in my head is by Katy Perry California Girls. I can't shake it and haven't heard it in 3 days or so. Guess I need to go for a drive and listen to it since it's in my cd player in the car.