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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Football game..

Trevor had a football game this evening. It was Bray~Doyle against Minco. I hate to say it but they won 54 to 0. They beat us down big time! He was mad ALL over. He kept telling me that he had no blocker ...looked like to me he had no help on the field at all. That boy plays his heart out on that field. The high school coach is already got his eye on him. Do I want him to be a all star football player? I am not sure, although Blake was picked as all star player his senior year. But this is my baby we are talking about!
Hey I actually added a photo to the blog! Yea for me!! I can do it but was a chicken to even try!! So hopefully my blogs will be more interesting with some photos with them!! Yes I am very proud of myself!!
Today I got a pen~pal letter from Ca !! I love getting her letters, I feel like we are truly friends. She writes as if I know her family and in a way I feel as if I do! I even started a letter back to her today. Our letters are always long and chatty.
I spent time with Coby and Kaylee today. Picked them up so they could go watch Trevor play football. Aaron and Coby was to busy visiting with girls..Kaylee running and trying to keep up with the boys. I supose it is like a social gathering for the teens...