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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Working on swaps for swap bot!

This morning I get up about 7am. Today is the day I am going to work on some swaps. I am currently doing a song lyric journal and need 30 songs and I still need 10 to get it finished. I don't have to send it out till Sept 30th. So am going to try to finish it this week! Am angeling a cute and fun journal for the partner that sent to me. The host/her partner flaked on her. Then the girl I sent to won't rate me...uugh. I had a journal with some pages already done and am going to use it instead of wasting the book.

Have been Brody's taxi service today. (Bonus child) Sure will be nice when he gets his license. Then we can worry about him but not have to drive him!

I had a ole friend look me up on facebook today. We use to work at America On Line in Oklahoma City. I hadn't talked to him in like 9 years or so. He was always a nice guy towards me.

Need to make list for my trip to Shreveport La for tomorrow. Am so ready for a road trip. Patty and I are going to have a blast on the trip! Then I get to see Mr Wonderful!! That really excites me greatly!! I need to buy alot of Shreveport postcards on this trip. I have used alot of them in my swaps and am about out.

Have a great evening...