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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Night Football

Tonight Aaron and Trevor are at the Rush Springs football game. I hope they are having a good time. I don't usually let them stay at the game by themselves. I believe that at 15 years old and 12 years old they can handle it. I am home relaxing and working on the computer, playing frontierville, doing swap~bot, and now doing my blog.

Today was a good mail day. I received a pen pal letter and a package from swap~bot. Was surprised to get fun mail. In my package I got some cute blank recipe cards. Just in time for a swap that I am doing for crock pot recipes.

Have had some good phone calls today. I have talked to my sweetie Mr. C., and my brother Stacy and my BFF Cherrie. This has been since 7:30 pm. I love these people very much. They complete my life.

It's now 9pm and I need to go get the boys from the game. Am keeping my fingers crossed that Aaron will spend the night with Coby (my nephew). It depends on if Laura will let him, he has been staying almost every weekend with them.

One of my goals this weekend is to make up some envelopes. I have used up all that I had on hand. It doesn't take long and they look so good when mailing.