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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update on Mr.C

We are still in hospital! Will 7 to 10 days ever get here? Mr. C is about to become stir crazy and I don't blame him.  Pulmonary specialist came again today and talk about how he would be on meds for infection for 3 months. He also has to wear a cpac at night which he doesn't want to do at all. At some point we will have to do more chest xrays and several more ct scans. 
I have one more review to do and that is and I will have this share your blog swap completed. I really went outside my comfort zone to do this swap. Reviews are not my cup of tea I tell you!  When I see reviews and they are written so well with both pro and cons I am like wow, wish I had that talent.
I am going to go for now. I want a shower and one last hot tea before it gets any later. Although we haven't been going to sleep till after midnight or so if then. Will either finish the review later tonight or tomorrow.