Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Agenta Emma~Married Edition

Welcome everyone! Tonight while sitting at the hospital I am going to review Emma's blog.  I so enjoyed how  Emma does product reviews. I recently have started enjoying wine and I am going to try several of her recommendations.
I also have decided that I want to try the Chocolate Monkey tea. My mouth went to watering and I could taste the tea already. Yes I did go the website and order some different teas that I normally wouldn't have tried.
Another thing I liked about Emma's blog was her 26 goals and how she keeps us updated on where she is with them. I have found that my attention span for goals on my blog doesn't last very long. Of course I wasn't smart like Emma, I had 100 goals which was my first mistake.  Wish I had been like her and made a realistic goal list to begin with. Out of her goals my favorite was to try out 12 new wines. That is a ideal I plan on taking from Emma's blog.
Emma also introduced me to several foods I had no ideal existed. She also gave some cooking advice on how to use these foods.
Emma's blog has a great mix of reviews, family life and good information on food. I know I plan on coming back to visit her blog. So run on over to her blog and check it out!

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