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Monday, March 5, 2012

Tea with Lemon blog review

Hello to all who is here for the share your blog swap. The first blog I went to was Tea with Lemon.I found Wendy's blog to be cheerful and fun. She had several topics that I am interested in reading.  Some of her main topics were altered art and journals, sewing, photography and losing weight. I thought her blog was well rounded with something for everyone. I enjoyed looking at her photos of her first attempt at art journals. I liked how she played with the paint on her pages. Then I went to her sewing pages. The dress is so dang cute! Her photographs speaks volumes! As I was looking at the bird she took out her window it was as if I was there with her. How awesome to be able to take great photo's.  I found Wendy's blog to be very  interesting and of course I will be coming back to see more!