Thursday, March 8, 2012


If your here from Share your blog swap bot hello! This is my last review to do and I have completed the swap. It has been very interesting to go check out the different blogs. Just for the record I didn't do my reviews in any certain order.


Tiffany is 24 years old and lives in NY with her husband, dog, cat and tortoise.  She has taken some great photos. I really was drawn to her Tortoise Steve. I myself have had turtles as pets  but I was much younger. I would be afraid of not getting the diet right but it seems as if she has all that covered. 
She hasn't done this blog long but I like how she has it sit up, especially her photos.  Taking a look at her mail was fun. Especially the mail art she received. I know I enjoy getting art mail.  She is also into nice and neat friendship books. Sanae in Japan made me rethink about doing friendship books again. I got scared when a prisoner wrote me from acquiring my info from one. Although I do have a post office box I would use from now on if I started doing them again.  Tiffany's blog was fun to look at, so if you get a chance go check it out!

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