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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mr. C. released from Dr.

Mr. C.  finall got released from hospital March 11th that evening.  He is still weak but sure was glad to get to come home. I stayed with him the entire time. I know if I had left to go home for the night I think he would have left and went home with me. I finally got to post office yesterday to send off a journal and several penpal letters. So that made me feel better.  I have gotten several postcrossing cards in the mail lately.

I haven't been very crafty lately.  I keep talking about making mug rugs.  That is my next project I want to do!  Found some great mug rug photos.  Run over and check these awesome mug rugs out!

This has to be a favorite of mine! Would go perfect in my dining room.  Hopefully the next picture of a mug rug will be my own!! 

Everyone have a great day!