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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DeviantDivine blog review

Good evening everyone! It is time for me to do my last 2 reviews for share your blog swap. As I have done for the other blog reviews I will make separate entry's it is only fair. Am so glad I had this swap to do while sitting in the hospital with Mr. C.  In fact I tried to  visit everyone's that was in this swap. So I will get started...

                                                DeviantDivine review

Rebacca's blog is called
I normally do not ever check out youtube videos. For one reason at home I do not have wireless and it takes forever if at all to download. Since we are at hospital I am using their wireless...yea! I found the video of Saturday Shimmies: The neighbourhood strays quite interesting. In fact I watched it 3 times. Then I checked out the video of Mira Belz left me wanting to see more. I have always wanted to learn how to belly dance.
Over all Rebecca's blog was upbeat and fun to wander around and check out. So if you want  to check out different music videos or unique belly dancing this is one of the blogs you will enjoy!