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Monday, March 5, 2012


This is a review of Barsook's blog from Share your bog from  swap~bot. I myself do not read much fantasy type books, (romance is my fave genre). Barsook's blog is called World of turzukarr Humans, Drazards, Elves & Dwarfs Oh My! What a world.

First of the reason I joined this share your blog swap to find swaps outside my normal range, and this blog hit that want right on the head! She does some very interesting drawings of her characters as well. I found her to be a talented artist as well as writer. I downloaded Torzukarr to my kindle to read. She said she wrote it in about 30 minutes, which really impressed me because it has a good plot the only thing I found lacking was I wanted more! It needs a good solid ending for me (remember I am used to the woman getting her man at the end of a romance book) I went to several post because I wanted to get a feel for her. I am impressed that she can understand her characters and knows what she wants them to do. I do believe it takes someone lots of talent to come up with different types of characters. I see her headed in the right direction with her fantasy writings. I say go check out her writings and see for your self what I am telling you! My parting words is I think she is talented and has a brigh future ahead of her. Good luck girl!